Martin Luther King Jr. Day

To quote former President Bill Clinton, “ In the new economy, information, education and motivation is everything.” What seems new is actually old. On the eve of his birthdate we recognize that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  included in his fight for Civil Rights economic equality as well. He made America aware of the disparity and the injustice endured by people of color and those less fortunate citizens in general.. He advocated for ways in which to rectify this imbalance and as he traveled to Memphis, Tennessee against the cautionary advice of his surrogates, he lost his life fighting for the rights of sanitation workers. In true Dr. Martin Luther King fashion he valued the lives of the so-called people at the lower end of the spectrum the same as those who are more fortunate.

Today the Gary Chamber of Commerce and others are working towards an inclusive economy. You may call them small business owners and their employees essential workers but a global pandemic has highlighted their sacrifice and importance in all of our lives. We urge you to start a business and in all ways support our small businesses. Why? Because all of our success and prosperity depends upon it. This is our chance to keep the dream alive.

Chuck Hughes
Gary Chamber of Commerce

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