Selling to the Government and Getting Certified

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Submit bids to government agencies and apply for certifications for women-, veteran- and minority-owned businesses.

Selling to the government

Government agencies and large corporations buy the same types of things most businesses do; professional services, supplies, landscaping services and so on.  Selling to government agencies can be tricky though, and that’s where Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (“PTAC”) come in to play.  PTAC offices provide small businesses throughout the region with assistance in submitting and understanding bidding opportunities and contracts.  Often, they also support businesses in gaining certifications for women-, veteran- and minority-owned businesses.

The Small Business Administration has compiled a list of federal contracting offices in the Midwest, complete with contact information for specific departments and agencies.

Becoming certified

Certification programs can help you market your business to both large business and governments. Many large corporations and governmental entities set-aside a percentage of their purchasing contracts for small businesses, minority and/or women owned businesses. Becoming “certified” as one or more of these types of businesses enables a company to bid on contracting opportunities. offers a description of certification.

Most government entities will require a company to at least go through a streamlined or shortened verification process that is specific to that agency. Certification can take from 30-90 days.

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