Get Funding

Find out what loans, grants and equity funding are available to you in Northwest Indiana.

Before you begin researching funding options, it is critical to have a complete business plan. If you do not already have a business plan be sure to develop one. Most investors and financial institutions will not begin a conversation with you without a comprehensive business plan.

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Step One

Estimate the Amount of Funding You Need

It’s important to start at the beginning: How much funding do you need and for what?

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Step Two

Determine the Best Source of Funding

There are many options when it comes to funding your small business. See which option best fits your needs.

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Step Three

The Truth About Free Government Grants

Does the government offer free grants to help you start a business?

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Step Four

Friends and Family Funding

Most businesses are funded through the generosity (and kindness) of friends and family.

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Step Five

Types of Loans Available

From bank loans to factoring, learn about the types of loans that can help grow your business.

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Step Six

SBA Loans

Could a SBA loan be the right financing option for your small business? Here are your next steps.

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Step Seven

Angel Investing and Venture Capital

Determine if angel or venture capital investing fits with your business needs.

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Step Eight

Technology Grants

Find grants that fund research of high-risk, high-growth businesses.