Ivy Boutique and May + October

What is the name of your business?
Ivy Boutique and May + October

How long have you been in business?
Since 2012

How can a customer connect with you?
Phone: 219.299.2442 | Website: www.shopivyboutique.com | Facebook | Instagram

What led you to start your business?
Ivy Boutique was a love of fashion and home decor. Adding the May + October Seasonal Self-Care Planner® to it combines everything…seasonal fashion, decor, health, wellness and nature.

Describe one “lesson learned” moment when starting or expanding your business.
Don’t assume anything, ask customers what they like and want.

What do your customers like best about your business?
Really unique pieces for every style; Boho, Classic, Casual, Romantic, Resort and Trendy.

What unique product or service do you offer your customers?
Seasonal women’s apparel, gifts, accessories, home decor and the seasonal self-care planner.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
New collaboration: Stylish Seasonal Living: Ivy Boutique x May + October Seasonal Self-Care Planner®… offering stylish seasonal apparel + home decor and the Seasonal Self-Care Planner / Quarterly Mindful Reset® and seasonal self-care subscription boxes.