Federal Contracting 101 Webinar: How to Start, Market & Win Federal Contracts

During the Federal Contracting 101 webinar, SBA Indiana Business Opportunity Specialist Vernice Mathis will walk you through the basics on:

-Readiness – federal contracting requirements & small business eligibility
-Where to find out what federal agencies are buying
-What the purchasing process looks like
-How to put together marketing plans and capability statements
-How to register your small business on SAM.gov (the federal government’s System for Award Management)
-Helpful certifications and development programs
-Where to find help

This webinar will be held the 2nd & 4th Thursday* of the month through the end of September. Choose the date you’d like to attend during the registration process. Reminders and a link to your event date will be emailed. Choose a date and sign up today!