Helping Small Businesses to Sustain and Succeed

Dr. Janell Harvey discusses how small businesses can utilize strategic planning in a post-pandemic society. 

Due to the recent pandemic, leaders in the non-profit and for-profit sectors often face several challenges like securing funds, identifying community collaborators, and staying true to their mission. However, many challenges yield great opportunities. Since both segments are necessary for economic growth it’s imperative for leaders to find ways to overcome these challenges. One is through strategic planning. Strategic planning should begin with a pragmatic approach to an issue (Dobbs & Dobbs, 2015). Strategic planning requires leaders to brainstorm how the agency can be improved upon within the next few years. This strategy entails regularly scheduled meetings and the discussion of realistic goal setting. During the present epidemic, leaders have had to find ways to establish reasonable objectives for their organizations while preparing for the future. With limitations on in-person gatherings, the feat often seems undesirable and challenging. Yet, it is possible for businesses to remain resilient amidst a national crisis.

As a nonprofit professional I work with other leaders to identify their business goals, determine institutional readiness, and prepare for major gifts. Throughout workshops and courses, I work with leaders both virtually and in-person as they prepare to generate revenue for their agencies. My agency’s mission is, “Helping Non-Profits to Sustain and Succeed.” I offer a series of workshops for non-profits leaders that provide them with the tools that they need to seek funding so that they can coordinate their programs and services. These workshops include Grant Writing Basics, Fundraising for Your Business, and Special Events Planning. At the center of each workshop is the reiteration of “mission drift.” Although there are agencies that offer funding, it is imperative for organizations to stay true to their mission while identifying resources that align firmly with it. My overarching goal is to take the vision of nonprofit leaders and give it a “voice”. Through funding, agencies have access to the streams needed to sustain their business goals and meet the needs of individuals.

CEO- Dr. Janell N. Harvey, ECRF
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