5 Secrets of Busy Entrepreneurs Who Enjoy Optimal Health, Life Balance, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s no secret that eating nutritious food is a key component for maintaining good health.

The secret is how to accomplish this while running a successful business and enjoying all aspects of life.

Many entrepreneurs find that they fall into some habits that are not ideal: drinking coffee or soda throughout the day; skipping meals; eating excessive amounts of processed foods; forgetting to eat fruits and veggies; not drinking enough water.

Accompanying results may include weight gain, foggy thinking, lack of energy, headaches, poor sleep, depression, and anxiety (as if owning a business doesn’t produce enough).

Because it takes time to plan, shop, then prepare the food, eating well can feel like an overwhelming chore. Here’s part of the secret: with a little effort and making a few simple changes, you may experience improved stamina and focus to face the never-ending challenges of running your business.

Secret #1. Incorporate the “One Habit at a Time” Rule

Do one thing that you know would help you become healthier and practice it until it becomes automatic. For example, maybe you’d like to eat more vegetables. Begin by making sure that you eat at least one vegetable every day for a week. You may then feel comfortable enough to increase it to two a day. Once you hit your desired quota, move on to a different habit. Any of the following secrets could be your “one.”

Secret #2. Drink your water

This is a habit that seems simple yet is not necessarily easy. There are various ways to calculate recommended daily intake, however the easiest way is this: Take your weight and divide by two. This is the approximate number of ounces you need in a day. Fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas all count toward your quota. Days of intense workouts, extreme heat, etc., may increase your requirement. There are a variety of containers available to help track your intake.

Secret #3. Eat mostly real food

Avoid foods that come in containers with a huge list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. While it’s impossible to avoid all processed foods, becoming aware of how much of them you are currently eating is a good way to begin. Choosing to eat a baked potato instead of potatoes au gratin from a box is one example of making a switch.

Secret #4. The cocktail, bread, or dessert

You pick one, or maybe two, if you usually have all three. All offer calories that are fun to consume with no nutritional benefits. This secret is for those of you who have an abundance of banquets or dinners with clients and find the scale tipping on the heavy side.

Secret #5. Only eat it if it’s AMAZING (My favorite and most remembered secret.)

If the bread and treats aren’t amazing, save the carbs and calories.

Bonus Secret #6. Progress, not perfection

Carol Slager
Licensed Pharmacist, Author, Blogger & Health Coach
Inkwell Healthy Lifestyles