From Englewood to Entrepreneur

My name is Lois Whittaker. I am the owner of Physician Coding & Education Solutions. I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in Englewood which is located in the south side of Chicago. I started my first candy store at the age of 19.  I graduated with my Bachelors in Entrepreneurship from Purdue Northwest. I am currently in school for master’s in business at Purdue Global.

I started my business in June 2019. I have been working in the healthcare field for 20 years. One day someone ask me where I went to school for medical billing & coding. I explained the school I went to was closed. I searched on the internet and there were no schools in the area offering this course. So, I decided to start one. I started in a small office space. The next year I double my space. Currently, I am in a 5,000 square feet office space.

I enjoy teaching and helping other achieve their goals. I have a true passion for helping others and showing them the way. My career in medical billing & coding helped me provide have a work life balance. After getting experience I was able to work from home. I was able to participate in my children’s extra-curricular activities. It was a joy to be able to take and pick up my children from school. I was able to be a mom and financially support my family. This career was a big help to me.

I recently received my Workplace Specialist License with the Indiana Department of Education.  My goal is to partner with local high schools. I want high school students to earn their high school diploma and a medical billing and coding certification. This will make our students more marketable in the workforce. Students will be able to work while they are completing their college degree. My first group of high school students started this month. I am very excited to be a part of their career journey.

I am also the founder of the National Black Chamber of Commerce of Northern Indiana. I want to provide black entrepreneurs with resources to succeed in their business. When I had problems with my business I had very few people to assist me my business problems. My goal is to connect everyone in the community, so we can solve community problems together. I also want to help business owners with challenges with credit, small business financing, and connect them with mentors in the area. I personally understand the challenges black entrepreneurs face with financing and support. I hope to be very influential in the community by leading by example.

Physician Coding & Education Solutions
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